2020 - Elements 5
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Chamberlain is an emerging electronic artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, originating from Melbourne, Australia. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled bass, glitch hop and gangsta sound and style. Starting at the age of six, Chamberlain first started playing the piano which started his musical path to what it is today. Setting out in 2017 with his first releases through Adapted Records, he quickly jumped on the scene, playing all around Australian festivals that first year, including Australia’s largest psychedelic festival. Rainbow Serpent, as well as being invited to play at the Global Eclipse Festival in Oregon 2017. This huge nudge into the scene gave sought opportunities to be opening for heavyweight artists like Opiuo, CloZee, Blanke, Stickybuds K+Lab and more.

As his catalogue grew, he released through labels including Gravitas Recordings (USA), Westwood (CA) and Delicious Music (AUS/NZ), and as his sound developed, so had his enthusiasm and passion from his fans. One fan claiming it “helped her through suicidal times”, and another, that it “gave him the energy to keep going on my [his] way up to the Everest Base Camp”.  By 2021, his music had taken him all around to festivals in North and South America, New Zealand, and a regular on main stages all across Australia. Chamberlain provides slamming hip-hop influenced and bass energy he calls “berserk nation” that cemented himself in the music 

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